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Heardle 70s: Play Online Music Game

Heardle 70s is a one stop destination for all the music lovers from the 70s gen! It’s basically a music puzzle game where you have to identify music. You just have to visit their official website. The opening of the song will play in front of you and you have to identify the music, it offers you unlimited chances to listen to the opening of the song, once you have identified the song,the whole song will be played!

In case if you are not able to identify the opening of the song, you can skip the song, it offers you 6 chances. It’s an amazing game for all the music lovers and the best pass time in general. If you don’t have your friends to play a single quiz with, this game is here for your rescue. Heardle 70s music game is best game.

Why should you play the Heardle 70s?

–    It solidifies your song knowledge

–    It enhances memory

–    Improves concentration

–    Empowers recall factor

–    A great pass time for 70s music lovers

– Stress-free way of learning 70s music

Brings a nostalgic effect

Heardle 70s brings a nostalgic emotion related to the 70s. By going down the memory lane you can simply drench yourself into disco, jazz, R&B and other genres of rock and roll. Its not only a simple quiz game but an endearing way of going back in time. If your loved ones are feeling sad someday because they miss the older and simpler times, just make them play this quiz game, it will be worth it! In no time they will be happy and cheerful.

A feeling of achievement- Heardle 70s

It brings about the feeling of achievement as you clear all the levels of listening to the song! It brings a sense of joy because it makes you feel that you still remember the song back from those days! It encourages diversification and growth of music knowledge in a fun and exciting way! It instills confidence among individuals that they still remember these songs back from those days!

 Why is it only for 70s lovers?

It’s only for 70s lovers because of the very obvious reason that people who haven’t heard the 70s music won’t able to identify even a single song, so it’s not recommended for this group of people. However, there a game known as Heardle 2000s-, which people from the newer generation can play!

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